Last Night

Last night.
Can’t remember.
What happened, when we go.

I woke up this morning.
Where’s my car?
Where’s my key?
Where’s my clothes?

Good Charlotte – Last Night

Yeah. Can’t really remember what happened.

I’m back in town. Jakarta. Already left Bali by the end of February 2011. I know, this is exhaustive. I did exhausted. But I also really hoped I made best decision for my future.

It’s not just Bali that I left behind, I left a lot of friends I barely knew. Whom most of them are really good person. Man, I’ve just spent two months there. Been hitting no-where too. Shit-on-me, but I spent most of my time in front of the laptop.

Eventhough I was there for only a short amount of time but I did grateful for it. Bali is super-duper nice. Especially: Sanur. I love that place. I will definitely back someday. Continue reading