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A Crash Course of Love for Dumbass

There are times when we met someone new in our life. Either they found us or it’s just we found them. Sometimes these people escalate themself to be our precious one. Somehow they made their way out to our heart.

I believe when one successfully manage to get a hold of your heart, they also did controlled your emotion — the very basic human instrument that distinguish us from another Dear God creations.

Love, is a play of emotion. It took our emotion to a brand new level in which we did things we usually don’t. At this rate, you may OR you may not knowing who the hell those people you love really are. They could be a king and at the very moment could be a convict. Love tend to override things.

Yeah, I know that you guys aren’t as smart as me, don’t you? So let me pull down a simple analogy: love is a kind of drugs, and you lovers are junkies.

People who took drugs said that they’re full of enjoyment, passion, bravery…you name it. The very same effects you lovers used to get from things so-called love.

But that wasn’t all.

Drugs and love share another similarities. First, it is addictive, you’ll definitely ask for more of it. Second, this is the best part, it wont last forever, this is the moment when it (either drugs or love) took you to the very reality of life: it sucks.

At the end of the day, you just can’t blame any of them (either drugs or love). You can only blame yourself, why did you ever let your emotion controlled by another substances. And found yourself left out alone in the darkness of the day.

Ah, okay. Enough bragging. Got nothing else left in my pocket.
Enjoy your love life, or join me…get (digitally) drunk and get (digitally) laid.

I’m out.