Tanpa Judul (sebuah review film Tanda Tanya)

Film yang baik memberikan penonton kebebasan untuk menterjemahkan maksud dari film tersebut. Tidak semua film tepat untuk melakukan hal ini. Pun, film yang tepat belum tentu berhasil melakukannya. Nah, film Tanda Tanya ini tepat dan berhasil.

Review film '?' (Tanda Tanya)

Setelah setahun lebih sejak terakhir kali menulis review film, berikut ini adalah review film Tanda Tanya versi gw. Peringatan: penuh bocoran dan amat subyektif Continue reading



I feel you. I really do.

From what you’ve experienced last night, it reminded me of something that I occasionally forget.

That I need those people to know and also realise, I really love and care about them. Before they really gone.

Karena sesuatu yang paling dekat dengan kita adalah kematian. Dan yang paling jauh adalah masa lalu.


Silent Reader

Silent Reader

Well, I happened to be a quite active silent-reader lately. On the weekend, I randomly picked a blog from people around me, thus read their blog posts.

Nothing really special to be sure, but I happened to have this habit to read others blog from their very early posts onward. Though heavily depends on the blog content itself, but read them in reverse is somewhat amusing.

Especially for me whom happened to switch job in a speed of light, thus occasionally met a lot of new people. And in the mean time I personally having a difficulty to get close to people. I figure out, this is my way to solve my inabilities to know them. Doing it this way, I can catch up with their experiences, thought, sometimes past, and in particular, themself. Continue reading


Last Night

Last night.
Can’t remember.
What happened, when we go.

I woke up this morning.
Where’s my car?
Where’s my key?
Where’s my clothes?

Good Charlotte – Last Night

Yeah. Can’t really remember what happened.

I’m back in town. Jakarta. Already left Bali by the end of February 2011. I know, this is exhaustive. I did exhausted. But I also really hoped I made best decision for my future.

It’s not just Bali that I left behind, I left a lot of friends I barely knew. Whom most of them are really good person. Man, I’ve just spent two months there. Been hitting no-where too. Shit-on-me, but I spent most of my time in front of the laptop.

Eventhough I was there for only a short amount of time but I did grateful for it. Bali is super-duper nice. Especially: Sanur. I love that place. I will definitely back someday. Continue reading