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Never actually happened, was it?

you know what?


i wonder what will you say to your next girlfriend regarding to what happened to your last relationship?

i dont know. i *really* dislike being pissed-off.
i’d rather be alone than be pissed-off.

oh. wow. okay.



Decided to post this draft made on November 24th 2014. Again, unable to recall the reason why I wrote it back then.

lesson learned, work

Stay Competitive

how to stay relevant?
how to stay competitive?

what is competitive advantage? why should you care about it?

okay, got it, how to do it?

knowledge management?
what is knowledge management?
why should i care about it?
why should my organization care about it?

how to do knowledge management?
what is knowledge management cycle?

how to create knowledge?
how to capture knowledge?
how to disseminate knowledge?
how to apply knowledge?

Has been a draft for a while and not yet able to complete it. Decided to just post it as-is.