Misery is my company

I believe there are always repetitive scenarios in live. Happiness, sadness, etc — they’ll come and go along the way.

Currently my life is filled with frustrating stuff. And it’s very funny to realized that I can’t cope up with them. I used to be better than this.


I am no longer a sinking ship. Gotta keep that in mind. Sigh.

The moment I write this, I had a bad health. Had a new laptop with horrible keyboard layout that keep pissing me off.

I really missed my Thinkpad’s keyboard. And, fyi, I currently work with too may different keyboard layout such as iMac’s wireless keyboard (at work), ASUS 15″ laptop’s keyboard, and a silly USB-connected keyboard (replacement for Thinkpad’s). The only similarity they had is QWERTY, the rest is f***ed-up.

I dont get it. What the hell happened with thing called ‘standards’?


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