Silent Reader

Silent Reader

Well, I happened to be a quite active silent-reader lately. On the weekend, I randomly picked a blog from people around me, thus read their blog posts.

Nothing really special to be sure, but I happened to have this habit to read others blog from their very early posts onward. Though heavily depends on the blog content itself, but read them in reverse is somewhat amusing.

Especially for me whom happened to switch job in a speed of light, thus occasionally met a lot of new people. And in the mean time I personally having a difficulty to get close to people. I figure out, this is my way to solve my inabilities to know them. Doing it this way, I can catch up with their experiences, thought, sometimes past, and in particular, themself.

I felt somewhat happy when I found out that people around me is blogging (or at least have a blog, despite inactive). Read their blog posts is equal to hours of chit-chat, and whatnot. As for the bonus, when their blog post is entertaining, I happened to LOL. Sweet.

Fact is, shit happens. And people (me either) also wrote down their sad part of life. These kind of (dark) blog post sometime taught me a lesson. But on the other hand it could also ruined my day.

I read this book titled Blink (Malcolm Gladwell), he said that it’s possible to manipulate our minds based on what we read. — Anyway, I highly recommends this book to anyone who interested in psychology (and how our mind works to make decision based on what we see and know, in particular).

In order to be a good and healthy silent-reader (WTF!?), I always stepped-back once I felt I consume too much information. Skills to slice the (good) information out of noise is important. Hell yeah, now I talk like pros. But I really meant this.

Some might ask what’s the difference between silent-reader to regular blog visitor. It is obvious, silent-readers rarely write comments. They consume, but rarely give feedback.

Now. This is the arguable part. What’s the difference between silent-reader to its stalker counter-part?

Well, this is kinda hard to answer.

Everyone had the chance to become a successful stalker these days. With all those tools and silly social networking sites.

But let me try. Let’s put it this way. Silent-reader love to read, in our case: blogs. That’s it. There are no hidden agendas. It’s just the needs to consume information by read people blogs.

Stalker on the otherside, like to read caused by the urge to dig someone’s information. They mainly consumed personal stuffs, combined it from several sources; could be blog, twitter account, facebook account, etc. And, they might have hidden agendas in their pocket.

But I can tell you, the difference is blurry. There are times, when I read like a lot, especially all those personal stuffs people wrote down on their blog, I started to feel like a stalker. It’s just people love to put their personal stuffs on the web –thus make them freely accessible. And also fact that personal stuff is yummy. Is there anyone out there would deny this fact?

So, the lessons are: know when to stop. Both when consume it, and share it to public.

It’s as simple as that. But, like any of those simple things in the world, it is in fact kinda hard to implement.

Anyway, happy weekend.

Warm regards,
Leonardo Situmorang

Credit for captivating eye image goes to: brentmatthewlillard


6 thoughts on “Silent Reader

  1. berhubung gue ga bisa english -_-

    jadi lu ketemu banyak orang baru dalam waktu singkat dan itu buat lu ngerasa terlalu cepat berpisah sebelum terlalu mengenal mereka? gue rasa itu tergantung gimana lu nya juga, apakah lu memutuskan untuk mencoba mengenal mereka lebih dekat, tetap jaga kontak dan hubungan, apa ngga?
    gue sendiri memilih untuk tidak terlalu menjaga kontak (baca: jaga jarak) dengan rekan kantor dan rekan ex-kantor.

    kepo, alias pengen tau urusan itu kan udah jadi nature nya manusia :) berbagi juga gitu, makanya kadang batas antara ‘hal pribadi yang sebaiknya disimpan sendiri’ dan ‘hal pribadi yang bisa jadi konsumsi publik’ itu sekarang udah berasa ga ada, apalagi kalo orangnya extrovert, attention-whore kaya gue.

    kalo ngehindari diri lu sendiri dari kehidupan pribadi orang laen… kayanya susah juga ya ;)

    • leonardo says:

      ‘ga bisa english’, my arse.

      menghindar dari orang lain sih ngga. kan gw pindah kerja sana-sini. jadi belum sempat kenal dengan yg satu, sudah harus pergi, dan, kenal dengan orang-orang yang baru.

      klo orang yg baru gw kenal punya blog, gw kan *setidaknya* bisa kenal mereka lewat tulisannya. begitu…

  2. I errr… have a love and hate relationship with silent readers.
    Oh boy it is fun to know that ur writing has feedback..
    Darn, but again I can’t force people to comment rait? ;)

    Anyhow, I now reduce personal stuff to be published, just feel uncomfy. However the personal stuff I share is a limitation to a common thing which will not endanger me :p.

    Eh tapi, kalo di twitter mesti belajar banyak mengurangi personal things :(( teringat sekamar ama ibu boss…
    Whoaaaaaaa ternyata ada kamuh! :P huh

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