Last Night

Last night.
Can’t remember.
What happened, when we go.

I woke up this morning.
Where’s my car?
Where’s my key?
Where’s my clothes?

Good Charlotte – Last Night

Yeah. Can’t really remember what happened.

I’m back in town. Jakarta. Already left Bali by the end of February 2011. I know, this is exhaustive. I did exhausted. But I also really hoped I made best decision for my future.

It’s not just Bali that I left behind, I left a lot of friends I barely knew. Whom most of them are really good person. Man, I’ve just spent two months there. Been hitting no-where too. Shit-on-me, but I spent most of my time in front of the laptop.

Eventhough I was there for only a short amount of time but I did grateful for it. Bali is super-duper nice. Especially: Sanur. I love that place. I will definitely back someday.

I also left my previous employer. “It’s complicated” would be the most proper words to represent reason why I leave the company.

To recall, I managed to contributed in three different companies within last 7 months timeframe. I’m neither insane nor in an attempt to ruin my own life (it ruined already, btw). -_-

I myself is not a spy or double-agent or whatever. I’ve been in several companies, from bank to startup companies. And I never (ever!) brought any of their intellectual property(-ies) with me, whenever they stated to do so.

Whatever I did under a company — belongs to them. That’s why I always demanded a signed-contract with legal stuffs. That’s where trust kicks in. That’s where law lay her fingers.

Problem is when you started to questioning trust. You should started to ask yourself.

Ah. Nevermind.

Question is. Why would I do spying-stuff? It’s bullshit. One could easily track pieces of me from all over the Internet. Almost everyone had a digital residue. In the worst case scenario, even if I proven to be wrong with authentic proof, there’s a law wait for me. And I’d never interest into such thing.

What is the best way to explain “i code for a living as well as enjoy it”?

Skip the whining part. Whining is never be part of a process. It’s not produce a thing.

In the mean time, I’m terribly happy with my new job — here in Jakarta. A lot of insane yet talented people on the development team, and I do really grateful to be part of them.

It is shameful to say this, but it’s like I’m in my 100th probation phase. I’ll try to do my best.

Reason for one to leave their employer may vary. For every reason there are factors. Not to mention consequences made from each reason. It is complicated. It is depend on your snap judgement. My snap judgement. Take it. Do not (ever) regret it. Live with it.

In my case, my consequences are: I should wake up earlier everyday, catch the bus, took 2 hours trip every-single-day to the office AND went through the same thing when going home. Shit-On-Me. I really miss living in Bali so bad.

Warmest regards,


I tried as best as I can not to discredited anyone (either person or any of my previous employer). I respected them and still maintain a good relationship with most of my previous employer.

Things expressed in this blog post had nothing to do with any particular event happened.

And I own the rights to speak freely, especially in my own blogs. Cheers.

Sorry for terrible grammar yet not-having proper story structure, it’s almost 4AM already and still had to hit the office in next 3 hours.


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