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Requirements against Responsibility

Hari ini bersejarah buat gw. Gw dipercaya bos untuk jadi interviewer seorang pelamar kerja di kantor. Posisi yang dilamar tentu saja programmer yang nantinya akan jadi partner gw dan tim dalam proyek yang sedang berjalan.

Sadar bahwa gw ga punya pengalaman mewawancarai orang, gw lakukan research kecil tentang screening di Google. Hasilnya cukup mengejutkan karena gw menemukan statement bahwa di luar negeri sana 199 dari 200 orang yang melamar sebagai programmer tidak bisa programming. Lihat disini:

By the way, gw baru kerja disini selama 2 bulan dan tahu bahwa masalah yang gw dan tim hadapi disini tidak kecil. Kita butuh seseorang yang beneran bisa programming. Seseorang yang bisa berpikir solusi, analitis, strategis, dan menterjemahkan ketiganya ke baris kode. Serta, yang tak kalah penting, mampu menghadapi hingar-bingar keragaman individu.

On the record: I myself can’t say that I’d be able to handle all these things everytime. I do have some downtime. We are I am human afterall.

After some questions and giving technical tests, my boss personally ask my opinion regarding the interviewee, I was as straight as hell said that I doubt the interviewee current capacity will fit into our situation and requirements.

Afterward, I felt so fuckin regret to what I was just decided to say. Somehow it reminds me of myself when I got rejected from my first interview years ago. And today I just did it to someone else. Eventhough it went with different reason, but still I felt these guilty feelings (and it hasn’t gone when I write this blog post). *heavily sigh*

For real, we really need someone who can do programming stuffs and get a real grip on it. I was just unable to take risk on picking the wrong candidate. Making decision means taking responsible for it. So please, whoever you are, if you’re happen to read this, no hard feeling alright?

It was 2007 when I apply for a programmer vacant in one of Indosat’s company. I’ve been a PHP programmer since college years thus become friggin confident for knowledge and experience I have (yes, I was way too naive).

Somehow they rejected me because I only hold a diploma instead of bachelor degree. Without technical test. Not even a single programming test. Nothing. It did hurt my feeling back then.

It takes years for me to realize the meaning of requirements. Requirements closely related to responsibility. Perhaps they really didn’t need a (naive) PHP programmer (like me). Perhaps I just dont fit into their requirements whatsoever, and no one on their side willing to be blame caused of responsibility which might arise based on decision of picking me up. Who knows?

Later on, in 2008 I had a job and my employer located me in one of local private bank. I co-op with several computer science bachelor-degree people and still be able to keep-up with them. I struggled to be able to.

Anyway, its a relief for me to write this up. And somewhat I really wish that you, my very first interviewee, had a chance to read this. Keep the spirit up. Be what you really want to be. Love what you do most. And do what you love most, because it will also motivate you most of the time.


sorry for the terrible and mixed-up post. i just dont want to lost the mood of writing.


6 thoughts on “Requirements against Responsibility

    • leonardo says:

      Terkadang iya, Tre. Membara dan membakar.
      Tapi bisa dengan gampangnya dipadamkan karena hal-hal kecil yang bersumber dari luar.

  1. Pahlevi says:

    when I was working at the bank with you (2008) I salute to you and never see things like diploma and bachelor degree.

    what I think about whether you can solve the problem or not? and ic u can solved fast kiddo.

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