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A little too short for that long and windy road behind me; a Life

An end is there to ignite a new beginning

Seven years ago I almost got dropped from the senior high school I attend. I was once lost my passion in attending school and studied like everyone else did. I preferred wasting both my life and time on the Internet cafe, which sure did pulling my father attention.

It was seconds before I leave the house and went to school like any other day when my father ask me trivial questions. We had a big fight. He yelled at me and told me to step out of the house if I’m not willing to listen to his order. Impulsive is the right word to represent my state back then. I bought what he sold, decided to leave the house that morning.

Since then I live in the wild for almost another six months. It was my last year on high school, yet I attend none of my classes. Long story short, miracle do happens. Somehow an ex and family of mine ask me to attend the national exam, and I did make it.

Time flies as fast as memories burns

Six years ago I moved to Bogor and attend an Information System diploma at Bogor Agricultural University. I love computer and things related to it, so much. I live my life the way I want it to. I get good grades and whatnot. Wanting so bad my father will acknowledge my passion and I’m not as bad as he used to think of me.

Life’s the best example of imperfection. Things went awry here and there. Family went into bankruptcy state back then in 2006. And the real life started to fade in.

Love will lights your way home

It took 6 years for me to be possesed by a feeling of wanting home so bad. And there I go. I visited my hometown a month ago, August 2010. Everything fall into the right place such as I were be able to have a small birthday party of mine been held on my grandmother’s house. Not to mention my relationship with my father went really good as he put his trust on me. It’s like … priceless.

supper with grandma and father on my birthday eve

supper with grandma and father on my birthday eve


It’s life anyway, all about imperfection. Unpredictable stuffs kicks in, here and there. Believe what you want to believe. Do what you love most, love what you do most. And be grateful for everything that happen.

taking shot from a secret place in our way to Ronggur

taking shot from a secret place in our way to Ronggur